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To Make Luxury Accessible to All Women. We believe that the way you present yourself to the world is the way the world around you is going to treat you. Wearing Luxury items elevates our mood and puts a pep in our step. It gives us more confidence when we face the world. Why shouldn’t everyone experience these benefits? At To Be Continued….we strive to democratize luxury by making luxury accessible to all women.

Our Story

To Be Continued… is a brand born from a love a fashion and a necessity to attain it on a budget. Growing up in Boston, MA, Co-Founder Chrissy Sayare spent most of her life bargain hunting for hidden treasures in the bins of discount stores like Filene’s Basement. Bargain hunting and cultivating her style became a sport and a passion that brought her so much joy and benefits that she wanted to create a brand that would do the same for others. She believes that you can look amazing with a few key investment pieces. She believes that you don’t need to go broke to look like a million. And, she believes in dressing for the life you want to live.

Together with her husband Mitch, they set out to create a brand that would offer an unparalleled experience in the off-price, luxury fashion space.

At To Be Continued....We hope that we can offer you first and foremost inspiration to express yourself through your fashion choices. Second, we strive to provide you with a trusted place where you can buy pieces that make you giddy, feel beautiful and bring you joy. And last, offer you excellent returns when you are ready to sell those things you no longer love.

Creating your own style is beautiful and empowering. We hope to make you feel exactly these things when partnering with To Be Continued...

With Gratitude,

Need More Reasons Why We Do This and So Should You?

Did you know:

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Clothing consumption is set to rise 63% by 2030, but today we wear our items 40% less than 10 years ago.

This has to change. The simple act of buying a second-hand handbag over new can reduce its environmental impact by up to 91%. More pre-loved fashion means fewer new items have to be made.

We believe in buying better and buying less. You’ll feel better and so will the planet.


Feel Empowered, Look Beautiful, Be Authentic, Save some Money and Save the Planet

To Be Continued...