A Letter from CEO, Chrissy Sayare

Dear TBC Friends & Family,

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting thousands of clients and working with staff whose backgrounds are as varied and colorful as the merchandise we carry in our stores.

Young, old(er), black, white, brown, tall, short, skinny, full-figured, classic, avant garde, ethnic, American, conservative and liberal, the TBC family represents a wide spectrum of backgrounds, interests, points of view and personalities.

It is surrounded by this kind of diversity that we grow, learn and get inspired to push our own boundaries. 

As we find ourselves heartbroken and distraught amidst this national crisis, I want you to know that your friends at TBC stand by you, the collective YOU in all of your diversity.

It goes without saying that we support our black communities in Los Angeles, Dallas, Scottsdale and beyond in this fight against racism and search for equality, justice, human rights and dignity for all.

We hope you know that you always have a home at TBC.

Love and Peace,

Chrissy Sayare